Hell is on Earth

For the controllers to make you think anything else, is pure foolishness.  Being a debt slave, being an economic slave, repeating the same dramas and traumas  repeadetdly, people live in Hell each and every day.  Maybe constructing a fake Hell is merely to make folks think they don’t already exist in one. Now, folks can […]

For god’s sake…

A bomb in London this morning on a train? Enough with this freakin’ nonsense already. We’ve gone thru the 8/21/17 Ascension window, we’ve passed the 9/11 trauma date with the barrage of fake hurricanes and now we’ve got Nibiru coming on 9/23/17.   Stop trying to manipulate, control and terrorize the population from awaking to […]

State of Affairs

The current mass destruction happening with the hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico is indicative of the current angst in mankind.  People are mad, frustrated, unconscious, filled with lent up anger and fury, etc. etc. etc.  They are slaves and they don’t consciously know it – subconsciously, of course they do.  But most remain quiet, […]

Hurricane Roundabout

Every Light Worker, Light Warrior, Starseed, etc. reading these words, I have one simple request.  Direct the destructive energies released by the puppet masters in creating these hurricanes resulting in mass destruction back towards them.  For one doesn’t dish out what one can’t take.  I live with that motto daily – do unto others… It’s […]