Is Circumcision Torture?

Wow, this is something new to me…from Novusod… The greatest source of pain I can find is from circumcision. Few people realize this but circumcision is truma based mind control. There is an unseen trauma that millions of people go through that is never talked about. If you ask most people if they have ever […]

26,000 Year Quarantine

Read this comment on Cobra’s site and it’s so true, isn’t it?  Brings a smile to my face.  🙂 I wonder what the actual number is of those of us bored beyond words at all the drama and the trauma and watching this boring loop over and over and over again.  I am so done […]

Replicas NY Comic Con

I’ve spoken before how I was stunned  the panelists – let’s carve out Keanu Reeves – genuinely seemed to believe cloning wasn’t happening in this day and ago.  Now, I had long read about the alleged cloning going on at Brookhaven and at that crazy sounding celebrity enclave up in Canada.  I did not know […]

ooooh, New Neon Chakra System!

Super cool!  Makes sense.  Here’s a snippet from a longer article by Michelle Walling, which is an interesting read. All these new chakras are being activated by incoming Galactic Source Energies in synergy with our Sun. It is all divinely perfect. As our Heart Chakras expand to the new NEON chakra system of 5d there can […]

Unicorn – UK (& Keanu)

I was researching the Judicature Act of 1873 as my friend in Brooklyn used it successfully in a traffic court matter.  The image below appeared – uh, doesn’t anyone find it unusual the Parliament of the United Kingdom includes a Unicorn in its crest, if they are supposedly not real??? Speaking of unicorns, in the […]

Event dream #2

Last night’s vivid dream / experience was about “The Event“.  It’s the 2nd one I’ve had.  The first one was so real, I called my mother the next morning to tell her to not be scared if really weird things started to happen in the atmosphere and strange stuff came across the airwaves. Supposedly, if […]

word wizards: Sophisticated

Those damn word wizards Tower of Babeled the word ‘sophisticated‘ too. When you hear that word, don’t you automatically think of a dapper, elegant gentleman? Well, yeah, that dapper elegant gentleman practices sophistry.  Go look it up and educate yourself.  “They” changed the words to totally suit themselves and cover up their dastardly deeds. I […]