No Cost Flu Shot

…at Stop & Shop now. Uh, don’t people wonder why this is being pushed on them? No, no they don’t. So, sadly as with most other things, I really have little sympathy for those who neither question nor ask for what’s due them.  Absolutely everything is disclosed.  It’s merely a matter of belief and action […]

Hurricane Irma & Trump

Idk, has this new hurricane been whipped up by anti Trump forces or something?  There have been an awful lot of words written about Mar O Lago and his place in Saint Martin being affected.  Like way too much focus on him vs. the millions being impacted. Once again, remember all I write is quite […]

Trafficking, cont.

Maybe these ruling families enjoy the slavery, maybe they don’t – who knows.  But to rise above what’s happened on this planet to date, one will need to find a neutral place in their heart about all this.  I’m not sure forgiveness is the word.  It’s more like acknowledging the role the families played – […]

Human Traficking

Wow, I just got it now, all the stories over the years about human trafficking and missing children have really been a front.  A diversion.  Filler.   …from the real truth of human slavery, bondage, etc. on the grandest scale.   How the fuck do you wake up one day to realize the beings on […]

Have no Fear & Forgive

In this monumentous time of humanity, I have a simple request.  Please drop all illusions of fear you may currently hold.  And, find a place in your heart to forgive what has been done to you once you learn the truth. With time, you will realize you were a willing participant and all is in […]