More propaganda and lies

Ok, so we never heard of this supposed seed vault until earlier this year (2017) with the Wikileaks stuff on Vault 7, I think it was named, and now all of a sudden said seed vault is flooding.  Yeah right…more doom and gloom and boring drama. You know, the other day while day drinking a delightful […]

13 Reasons Why (9) – Netflix

More Chris Cornell… Headline was “taking his life”…well, where is he taking it?  Where is anyone who chooses to commit suicide actually taking their life?  ION used to always say, “Every death is a Suicide.”  There actually is nowhere to “take your life”. You are infinite. You are I AM. You always have been. You […]

Pope visits Fatima

Article in paper about his visit to Fatima yesterday with a half million people attending.  Well how about disclosing the facts contained within those visits now?  Let’s please stop keeping secrets any longer. It’s time for the floodgates of truth open.  I think humanity can take it.  And, if they can’t, well then it’s time […]

United – WTF?

This is the most bizarre story – a United passenger asked to pee in a cup.  Is it true?  It is false?  IDK but something is up with all these United airline stories.  It seems very, very strange. Regardless of its veracity, all these stories surrounding air travel these days are indicative of the real state […]

D.C. Call girl

I’m watching House of Cards and a scene provoked a recent memory. I was in D.C. and planned to meet a friend at the rooftop bar at the W for a drink.  I arrived all decked out.  I’ve got big boobs so they aren’t something you can hide anyway and I’ve got beyond blonde hair. […]