ooooh, New Neon Chakra System!

Super cool!  Makes sense.  Here’s a snippet from a longer article by Michelle Walling, which is an interesting read. All these new chakras are being activated by incoming Galactic Source Energies in synergy with our Sun. It is all divinely perfect. As our Heart Chakras expand to the new NEON chakra system of 5d there can […]

Old souls unite

How many old souls loathe being here in this day and age?   Are beyond bored of the same old tricks and traps these stupid archons, cabal, controllers, etc etc continually replay as if on a feedback loop?  Like Musak in an elevator that goes nowhere. Are you like me and can’t wait til this […]

do you KNOW who YOU are?

Thank you Kurt Kallenbach – he is so the man! The Principal of the Thing Or Mind over Matter Principal/Thing = Mind/Matter Master/Servant Captain/Ship Driver/Vehicle Guardian/Minor Leader/Organization Government/Constituency King/Realm State/Church Father/Child Capitol/Labor War/Peace Mind/Heart Thought/Emotion Masculine/Feminine Independent/Dependent Positive/Negative Pure/Adulterated White/Black Yang/Yin Heads/Tails North/South Head/Body Sky/Ground Capstone/Base House/Foundation Thought/Substance Consciousness/Matter (as)Above/(so)Below Heaven/Earth Christ/Mass Lord/Land Z/XY  = […]

Remnants of Atlantis?

SARASOTA – A CRYSTAL CITY OF LIGHT Sarasota, about an hour south of Tampa, is a beautiful city on the southwestern shores of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.  It is home to Siesta Key, a pristine, powdery, white-quartz crystal beach that was voted number one of the “Top-10 Best Beaches of the World.”  Visitors or spiritual […]

Ready to go…

No, I won’t dramatically commit suicide or anything but I’m so ready to go, to leave this reality, to depart this dimension.  I’m done.  I’m bored.  Next. And I’m so tired of having the same old boring story to tell to new people I meet.  Been there.  Done that.  No more.  Next. Personally, the reason […]

people suck…

This isn’t about a bad experience or anything.  It’s merely about an experience that sadly exemplifies many people in the world today. I desperately needed a hair cut when I was out of town and got booked immediately when I called the salon with a woman named Grace.  It was her second day on the […]

Truth seeking & status

You know, all I ever wanted in life was the truth…plain and simple…well, plus True Love – aka Divine Partnership, but that’s another topic. In regards to the “truth“, as I wrote a couple weeks ago, it seems as if my computer and communications are really messed with when I stumble upon the cold, hard […]