The Circle – movie

What kind of bullshit propaganda movie is this? A huge clue – thrown in quickly – was the word “monetizing”…Plus other key words thrown in: citizen (repeatedly), Amish, public / private, person. Bad, bad acting. I had nothing against Tom Hanks before – he seems like a nice, good guy.  After seeing this movie, however, […]

More interference

I would like to reiterate I DO NOT CONSENT to be watched, monitored, interfered with, fussed with, messed with, etc. etc. etc. The little goblins poking around my computer slowing it down are beyond annoying. It probably isn’t even a person doing it but some damn AI bots or whatever technology they use on all […]

Trainwreck – fun movie

No “clues” in this movie but pure genuine fun instead.  I love going to see new movies when they come out.  I don’t know why but I do.  That was a real joy of living in Los Angeles as I would go every Friday when the new releases appeared.  My movie theaters of choice were all on the West Side – Santa Monica, Culver City, etc.  My friend Ryan would also bring me to SAG screenings.  He loved movies like me.

My favorite line in the movie is something my girlfriends and I were in hysterics about.  The main character is upset the sex with her beau is not the best, most mind blowing sex ever.  Her sister reminds her that the guy who gave her the best sex ever was now in jail!  LOL!

Same as me!  The best sex ever was with someone currently incarcerated.  For a little blonde boarding school girl to even know someone incarcerated still boggles my mind.  But, on the flip side, it also shows I am bad ass enough to know someone incarcerated – ha!

I spoke at this guy’s trial and the jury did not believe I was bi-coastal.  At that point in my life, I had been flying back and forth from California to Connecticut for something like 22 years.  The simple folk in the jury could not and would not believe that.  Instead, they thought it was “suspicious” activity, further nailing a coffin in his unjust verdict and sentencing.

You know after sentencing, I went outside to the jury to loudly declare how they had just sent an innocent man to prison and they needed to be ashamed of themselves.

Sense on Netflix

I am besides myself!  Are those freaking Wachowskis fully awake and aware or are they being directly channeled or fed information?  Regardless, the truth resonates with them in some way, shape or form.

Their shit is the absolute pulse of reality, true reality.  Not the fake mass media propaganda fed to us intravenously.

And they include barbs I wonder whether the average viewer picks up on, such as how “they” are very good at killing because their genes are different.  Referring to the sociopaths who have run this world to date.  Along with a jab at the Rockefellers.  I will need to watch further for others.  I was mesmerized the entire series.  The soul loves the truth!

Episode 4 had me in tears of joy longing for my soul group.  Of course this is how it goes.  Of course!

Ok I’m heading off to binge watch.  I love it!  Thank you boys…or rather boy and girl.  Thank you.

BTW, whoever this Spanish actor is, oh my is he hot hot hot.  Reminds me of my bad boy ex-boyfriend.  Yummy.

In Episode 6, he does a bumping grinding scene that is so so hot!  It is what the Magic Mike movie was trying to be.   Several men in that film over a whole boring 1.5 hours, could not achieve the passion and sensuality this man displayed in less than a minute!  I need that clip put into an hour long loop for me please.  And a screen saver!  And I prefer long haired men.  What’s going on???

“Impossibility is a kiss away from reality” / bravo for such a wonderful line.  Bravo!

And some line about it’s not drugs that make the drug addict but the reality they are trying to escape.  Deep and on point.

“The past is done with us the moment we are done with it.”