Chanel shoes 

…do not make you happy. Yes, they are something for which to strive when you are climbing the ladder.  That is a given.  And being able to buy your very own first pair at full retail gives you a feeling of having arrived or accomplished something.  And wearing them the first couple times continues that […]

Morning quickie

So literal sacrifice is at the foundation of the current monetary system.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  I feel as if I already knew that but don’t recall where I would have garnered those facts. There’s a new interview out there with an ex Dutch money man laying it out.  He mentioned 8,000-8,500 people actually […]

Planned poverty 

No big duh, it’s nearly dumb to write as it’s so apparent. Poverty is so engineered and planned. When Beings are worried about survival, there’s no way in hell they will be thinking about who they really are and why they are here on this planet in this day and age. Like Maslow’s theory. I’ll […]

Greed gets you every time 

You know the irony of this entire financial matrix manipulation is if these Controller fucks were not so greedy, someone like me would have never awoke to the illusion. There I was fairly successful by all accounts, owning and controlling more than most will ever do in their lifetimes.  Had I been treated fairly by […]

More credit bureaus…

…as I am organizing my files from this crazy journey I’ve been on that has led to the complete disintegration of my illusion of the financial matrix, I found letters I wrote way back when pleading with entities, such as Countrywide Loans, to remove late reporting from what I thought was my credit file. What a freaking […]

Wells Fargo – $20K

Wells Fargo is on my last nerve.  They are one of many “persons” (i.e., fictional corporate entities) fuelling my desire to unravel what is really going on with the financial matrix / web of debt and deceit in which we currently find ourselves living in.  So thank you Wells Fargo for this.  Thank you. As an aside, I do […]

What is a Note?

Super quick…you may want to think about whether the Note you signed at closing for your house is a Promissory Note, a negotiable instrument or a security?  Each would be subject to different guidelines and different taxes. Basically, this whole financial charade is something much, much different than we were ever led to believe.  But, […]