Russia, Trump, et al

I listen to an indie radio station I particularly enjoy in the morning while I am downloading all the data from the night before and doing morning busy work.  It’s one of the few places I hear ‘news’ of what is going on in the alleged world.  That and seeing pop ups on the computer […]

Scandal – ABC 

Hidden in plain site – the show above is telling you about the secret government behind the government.   Alias did the same thing. And I just read a quote from 1906 duplicating the info too. Yawn.  Bore.  Snore. Something different please now.  We can’t go on like this anymore. Either can Scandal for that […]

What is GOD?

Governmental Ordinance Departments …so no wonder why Reagan signed into Law that one piece about Legislation regarding GOD in the courts!  Freaking duh?!  It’s as clear as the morning sky now. Stating ‘one nation under God’ is pledging allegiance to the government to further your enslavement. How smart I am yet how stupid I am to […]

More propaganda and lies

Ok, so we never heard of this supposed seed vault until earlier this year (2017) with the Wikileaks stuff on Vault 7, I think it was named, and now all of a sudden said seed vault is flooding.  Yeah right…more doom and gloom and boring drama. You know, the other day while day drinking a delightful […]

13 Reasons Why (9) – Netflix

More Chris Cornell… Headline was “taking his life”…well, where is he taking it?  Where is anyone who chooses to commit suicide actually taking their life?  ION used to always say, “Every death is a Suicide.”  There actually is nowhere to “take your life”. You are infinite. You are I AM. You always have been. You […]