Vampire Bill is back!

Love The Gifted on FOX.  Just wish the mutants weren’t all mutantly,  As I’ve said before, I’m the blonde well dressed girl walking around Tompkins Square Park and way more freaky than any of the freaks.  LOL.  Well, it’s getting really hip now anyhow.  Really gentrifying these days.

Stranger Things = Montauk!

I didn’t put the two together til hearing Winston and Louisa discussing it on the Goldfish report I posted last post – big duh! No wonder the series felt so familiar to me.  Geez, I thought it was only because of it being set in the 1980’s with the retro music. If you have not […]

Sexual Healing

These daily sexual accusations hitting the news seem like a big global cathartic healing of the root chakra – the sexual chakra. Humanity Cleaning and Clearing itself at the root to allow space and room to Ascend upwards, ultimately being able to reach the 7th chakra – and beyond – of spirituality and oneness with […]

Positivity to Corey Feldman

Today’s latest in the Hollywood pedophilia ring is making allegations against Charlie Sheen as a 19 year old.  I have no energy one way or another over its veracity but what stands out in the linked article is how the Los Angeles Police Department is finally opening up an investigation based on Corey Feldman’s claims […]