About Me

Rare Porsche
Rare purple Porsche

***Disclaimer – this blog may be TRUTH or FICTION – it’s up to you to decide***

I am a Spiritual Visionary and also a blonde girl who loves fast cars, in general, and, Porsches, specifically.

Spiritually, I am a Light Worker, a Light Warrior and an Energy Transformer.

Professionally, I am an entrepreneurial business owner.  My primary line of business centers around real estate and creating Sacred Spaces for others.  I have been quite adept at playing the game of money, business and finance my entire life.

Personally, I am vulnerable and adventurous.  I am tender and outrageous.  I experience the full range of human emotions and believe in romance, True Love and Divine Partnership.

Overall, I am a Visionary in every sense of the word.

I live where I want to live and go where I want to go whenever I desire.

I am equally as comfortable hanging out and drinking with homeless people on Venice Beach as I am drinking and dining at five star establishments anywhere around the world from Paris to New York to Hong Kong.

Each and every day, I free myself from the Matrix more in each and every way.

My knowledge is now at a point where it’s time to share it with others.  To help them break free from the illusion in which they may be trapped.

Since 2007, I have been entrenched in finding a way out of the foreclosure mess, the financial fraud and the legal trickery rampant in the world today.  And, actually, since 1982, when I was thrown into the world of Probate and my family fighting over ‘money’, dealing with the financial matrix has been the core focus of my path and journey.

I speak the Truth – my Truth.  It does not have to be your Truth.  I speak only about things which I know and where I have direct experience.

My words and thoughts come from higher places with an acute sense of clarity.  If they do not make sense to you at first, sit with the information and revisit at a later time.

My intention is to offer you a glimpse into a new paradigm of living and step out of the old paradigm.

And, to help remind you who YOU truly are and who YOU truly came here to be.

Take the things I write as TRUTH or take the things I write is FICTION.  I absolve myself of any and all responsibility for you to believe any of the foolishness or jibberish contained herein…  🙂

…so why would Keanu Reeves have anything to do with any of these musings I write?  Good question.  Ever since I was led to the Private Lives of Pippa Lee viewing at the Angelika one brisk Fall evening in 2009, he literally began visiting my dreams – as real as meeting someone out at a coffee shop.  I went to the event because I owned (and still do) property in New Milford, Connecticut, where the movie was filmed, and had nothing better to do that evening after Thanksgiving so thought it’d be fun to see my town on film.

Fast forward til now, October 2017, the visitations have happened throughout each and every year since then for no apparent rhyme or reason.  I have no idea whether they are about the actual man, the archetype of who I perceive him to be or perhaps his Neo character in the Matrix – no clue.  One reader said I was his Spirit Guide and another said I appear in his dreams as a Fairy Godmother. Yes, I’d make a lovely blonde Fairy Godmother for sure…lol…

Idk, maybe I’m NEO for I’ve found my way further out of the Matrix than most. Who knows what reason they are happening, I have no clue.

…and don’t forget, this could be truth or all a made up fantasy…


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