Trafficking, cont.

Maybe these ruling families enjoy the slavery, maybe they don’t – who knows.  But to rise above what’s happened on this planet to date, one will need to find a neutral place in their heart about all this.  I’m not sure forgiveness is the word.  It’s more like acknowledging the role the families played – the perfect role, mind you – to help you think you were enslaved and then to break free from said enslavement.  

For without a captor, there could be no victim.

We need various actors in the play to fill their various roles.

I didn’t get irate as others do when I first found out I was being traded like cattle / held as chattel.  It became more of a quest and pursuit to undo what was done.  A fascinating learning experience in this Game of Life.

So, heading straight into victim mode and hating on these ruling families won’t really help your cause.  You will still be stuck in another level of the charade.  But hey, to each his own.


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