F* Bank of America 

Fuck them those motherfuckers!

Last year, I went to cash a $13,000 check there and it was as if I walked into the branch with machine guns.  The security, the protocols, the suspicious looks, etc. etc. etc. DESPITE me having about $3.5 million in mortgages with them.  They told me how big of an amount it was and didn’t believe my drivers license was my drivers license, etc. etc.  I left without the $13k and went to another bank of mine instead where it cleared over night.

I was so perturbed, I wrote the CEO and it fell on deaf ears.  Oh, I did receive a call from some “special agent” seeing if it was fraud.  For $13k?  Yeah, right.  I can spend that in 10 minutes shopping at any furniture store in my upscale town.

Fast forward to now…come to learn BofA trades in our birth certificate securities.  That’s hundreds of millions of dollars we’re talking about.  Siphoning off us like ticks sucking blood.  Well fuck them!  It’s the greed that will topple those mother fuckers down.  If you just let me cash my measly $13,000 check without incident, you wouldn’t have created one more being looking forward to the day your behind the scenes antics will be revealed.  The deceit and the lies and the disgusting behavior simply cannot proceed while treating us like shit.  

You know, you banksters are completely short sighted.  If you provided us banquets, we’d not even notice your back room dealings at all.  We’d simply be drunk and full and tired.  No, you’ve got to starve us instead, which makes the natives very restless.  You stupid fucks.  Enough is enough.


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