International Bank Transfers

Found this written by someone else but it is right on the money.  I am beyond sick and tired of this bogus so-called financial system currently strangle-holding most every living being on this planet.

Let’s unlock the seals of the slavery and deceit and activate a brand new financial system now.  No wonder why most beings on the planet are sick, tired and decrepit looking as their life energy (money) is being sucked out of them at each and every turn.  Sadly, they have no idea.

…question was how long does an intl bank transfer take.  I googled it as one was sent to me Monday to Wells Fargo and it is now Friday and no wire has hit.

seconds, they should take seconds, but banks take advantage of daily interest on YOUR money and then many times charge for international transfers. probably sitting there in the shadows waiting for an overdraft so they can charge you for that too! It is a racket and scam, but hey we are talking about the banks! Pure scum that group! Don’t get me wrong tellers are not the problem, they are not to blame, and unfortunately get a lot of the heat from customers for bank abuses. Corporate America and its banking system will suck every dollar and drop of life from you, just give them time! 5 days for an international money transfer is the bank making money off of your money. Even one day is ludicrous, over 24 hours is unneeded. But the first day the bank you made the transfer to will keep it for 24 hours to make money of it, then the next bank and intermediaries Swift use your free money to make money for 24 hours, so if there is also an intermediary for your bank, they will also keep it for a day, ya know cause they don’t want to miss out on free cash either, then your bank get the information, and they keep it a day n their account, before transferring it to the final user. Meanwhile the transfer was “paid for” and everyone along the chain has made money off of your transfer, while you sit patiently in waiting.


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