Russia, Trump, et al

I listen to an indie radio station I particularly enjoy in the morning while I am downloading all the data from the night before and doing morning busy work.  It’s one of the few places I hear ‘news’ of what is going on in the alleged world.  That and seeing pop ups on the computer are the only places I really see the propaganda being spewed to the masses.

This morning it was more Russia stuff and an FBI investigation into Ivanka’s husband.

Ok so it is May 2017 and the election was months ago.  Even if the elections were real and valid and votes mattered and counted and a secret group of puppeteers didn’t really control things, I still wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about Russia’s involvement or not.

As for Ivanka’s husband, now that’s another story.  He looks suspicious.  I don’t know what he’s up to but he doesn’t look all pure and ivory snow.

Oh how I eagerly anticipate the days when a vibrational meter or measure is in place truly gauging the integrity and honesty of people.  Or, for the veils to dissolve when one can no longer hide illicit undertones lurking beneath the surface and instead one’s truth (or delusions) will be available for all to see.

The daily propaganda is beyond ridiculous.  Supposedly last Tuesday, 5/16/17, was some major influx of energy day.  And this past Wednesday, 5/24/17, was more important that 12/21/12 with Christ consciousness anchoring on the planet.  Could these incessant words being strung together by the media be an attempt to mask the true positive change happening in this construct we reality?


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