don’t feed into the FEAR – please

so this week there was some nonsense going on at the Ariana Grande concert in the UK.

Whether it was staged or whether it was random, please don’t feed into the fear.

Just heard some UK lady on the radio, probably the one in charge, raising the threat level.  Please ignore her.  Stay in love, stay in discernment, stay in your own power.

FEAR is the only method of sustenance of those entities who have controlled this planet for eons.  It’s time to starve them please.

GMO – genetically modified organism – made specifically for those who aren’t living beings, btw.

oh, I know why this nonsense is happening this week!  Today is 5/24/17 and there are reports today is as significant as that end of the world date back in 2012.  Reports have come out major energies starting entering last Tuesday – that would be 5/16/17.  So, if TODAY is truly a turning point / a tipping point, then of course ‘they’ would have to sabotage any goodness, like they always do – to harness positive energies into fear instead.

omg, so tired of this nonsense.  so tired.

poor little Ariana being used like she has been.  she probably has no clue.


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