Wtf?!  Wall Street Journal today…

Ok so you know “they” have to disclose stuff to us.  Most people are dumb asses and don’t see what’s in front of them though.

So, today I was guided to have late lunch at a lovely local Relais & Chateaux – one at which I’m certain the world’s puppeteers frequent.  It makes no difference as I’ve enjoyed it since boarding school.

Well, in between my Sancerre, salad and loads of bread with butter, what do I spy in today’s Wall Street Journal (which I would not have read had I not dined out)…the following…wtf?!  They are so getting you ready.  You just don’t know it.

It’s the tarot card that actually caught my attention on the ad.  I wonder how many times a tarot card has made it to the WSJ?

Ok so yeah, what laws will rule?  Well, those that will be at the forefront of leadership will be the ones not imprisoned in the 3D juristic person nonsense, to start with, unlike our current government officials.  From there?  Idk.  

It’d be super cool to have a vibratory gauge to test the levels of integrity and light quotient of our leaders.  Imagine if we had that now?  I wonder how many would actually be fit to govern?  Not many I’d suspect.  

I’m so overwhelmed at how we get from here to there.  I can’t f’n stand to live in this illusory world of nonsense one second longer.  

Will it be “the Event” or something more gradual to move us forward?  Id-freaking know but let’s get on with it already.  Watching the paint dry, even if it’s Farrow & Ball, is absolutely excruciating.


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