Pope visits Fatima

Article in paper about his visit to Fatima yesterday with a half million people attending.  Well how about disclosing the facts contained within those visits now?  Let’s please stop keeping secrets any longer.

It’s time for the floodgates of truth open.  I think humanity can take it.  And, if they can’t, well then it’s time for them to wake the fuck up to the truth that life is nothing what they thought it was.  It’s their problem if they’ve chosen to drink beer and watch sports instead of searching for answers.

I didn’t know those kids were threatened to death by boiling oil if they didn’t recant their story about the Virgin Mary visiting them in 1917.

Hhmmm as I write this, it’s Mother’s Day in America.  Interesting timing, no?

******Ha – later in the day I found this article about the “truth” getting exposed – hallelujah~!


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