The Circle – movie

What kind of bullshit propaganda movie is this?

A huge clue – thrown in quickly – was the word “monetizing”…Plus other key words thrown in: citizen (repeatedly), Amish, public / private, person.

Bad, bad acting.

I had nothing against Tom Hanks before – he seems like a nice, good guy.  After seeing this movie, however, I question where his loyalties lie.  It feels as if he may have been strongly encouraged to participate in such mass programming that the collective is more important than individualism.

It felt like a PSA for drones, surveillance, invasion of privacy, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And you know what, they didn’t even try to hide it was merely about a message and not a true movie.  The character development and connections were terrible.


A super waste of time.  I wouldn’t even take a god damn Panera card today because I don’t want to be tracked.  Leave me the f* alone.  Speaking of which, did not appreciate helicopter circling in the country yesterday.  Looking for a fugitive running naked and rabid in the woods or something?  Come on now…

Maybe we’ll have to find the portals underground to Agartha and stuff to escape this nonsense.  What do you think?


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