Ghost in the Machine – movie

Not something I’d necessarily see but when I saw Scarlett Johansson was in it, I knew I had to go.  She chooses movies disclosing the truth…as does her ex Ryan and his new wife Blake Lively.  I always wonder why the two got divorced.

Anyway, no big revelation to me how body parts and souls are inserted here and manipulated there.  Yawn.  Didn’t we just see that in the movie ‘Get Out’ as well?  Gee, two movies with the same theme in the same month.  Why are “they” trying to get that specific info out there so badly?  I feel like I’ve known about this soul switching for awhile but can’t place my finger on exactly where I learned of it.  I guess it’s kinda like walk-ins, a little.  Idk, these downloads of data just appear at times.

So anyway the other theme: transhumanism.  Sorry guys, another freaking yawn.  Didn’t the super soldier info come out ages ago?  Hasn’t AI been around forever?  Isn’t there a sentient ship called Minerva?  I think the real issue is going to be about how to integrate these entities into society.  Like what kinds of rights, benefits and privileges will they all have.  Like status kind of stuff.  No different from the 14th Amendment, suffrage, yada yada.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  

Final yawn.

Hey, at least the truth is out there.  It’s up to you to choose what to believe.

Oh, and of course the bit is thrown in how the real issue is those guided by hearts – the unpredictability of that.  People remember – that’s the key to all this mess.  

WE ARE the ONES with the POWER.  

WE ARE the ONES we’ve been waiting for.  

Once YOU step into your inherent POWER, no outside entity can control you.

That’s one of the most tightly guarded secrets in the multiverse.


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