Is the pressure worse these days for people versus in times past?  I wonder.  David Bowie (and Queen) did write that song “Under Pressure” in 1981 – maybe they felt it then too?

There are some moments I feel about to explode at what I see going on around me.  The state of mindless disassociation most people walk around in.  What’s their purpose and point of being here – to suddenly wake up out of their stupor one day, I wonder?  Or, to remain mindless slave bot zombies being controlled by the controllers?

We are supposedly having massive solar flares and atmospheric changes now so it could be that too.  IDK if the flares contributed to the power outages last week in SF, NY and DC on the same day but they were not reported in the main stream media, which I find bizarre.  I think something was going on with the Trump Administration that day so who knows if he was being messed with.

Anyway, regarding the pressure, please…something has got to change and something has got to give.  And, like I have said before, I don’t know if it’s those of us feeling this way that’ll pop out of the Matrix into another reality altogether or those of us feeling this way who will drag the entire construct with us into creating Heaven on Earth.  IDK.


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