Fear, fear, fear

OMG, about the only news I get from the main stream is seeing the jibberish that pops up on my computer screen or on my phone.  The various headlines of the news of the day trying to be shoved down the throats of the populace.  As I only see the periphery and do not get involved in the details, I am able to see the over riding theme, which is Fear, Fear and more Fear.

That is really one of the few tools “they” have to keep people down and mind controlled and controllable.  It is so boring now yet people still allowed themselves to be reeled in thru that hook.

All that is coming to mind at the moment is for those of you who still go down that path, perhaps take a little time each day to connect to something meaningful to you – whether that’s your connection to Source, to nature, to a family member, to any one little thing that may be meaningful to you.  Find a connection to something that will allow you to grow stronger and stronger each day so the Fear that is thrown at you each day fades into the distance and becomes laughable.


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