Cancel Credit Karma

I loathe the credit bureaus.  Loathe them.  If there are any ex employees who would love to share the truth about what really goes on and how the web of entanglement is truly structured, please do come forward.

Many people do not know you can fully opt out of all solicitations coming from companies who pay the bureaus for their data.

Many more people do not know you can also completely freeze the accounts altogether.  I did that for about 4 years when I was so tired of their antics and I went fully to cash.

I unfroze them when I decided to start playing the game from a different vantage point.  I still loathe them and still observe the trickery but don’t know the specific mechanisms and motivations.

I used to carpool to SF with a TransUnion exec back in the 1990’s.  Too bad my interests were not where they are now back then.  I could have grilled her but she was quite smitten with her $250,000 salary.

Anyway, I have observed first hand TransUnion being the worst bureau and it made more sense to me when I read the recent article that a NYC investment bank had acquired them.

Isn’t it curious they’d roll out Credit Karma, a “free” service to “help” you keep track of your credit and changes in your report?  Quite clever and tricky to hijack “Karma” to make their service appear hip and modern.

I did participate for awhile but decided to shut it down shortly after reading that investment bank article.  I can only imagine what their true motivation is besides being paid by the companies that buy your data.  I can guarantee Credit Karma is not about helping anyone but their own bottom line.  So, to cancel it’s really simple – just hit the Cancel your Subscription button.

Stop feeding these piranhas with your energy and your data.  Enough is enough.  And that’s coming from someone who was part of the corporate machinery for the first 10 years of her career starting with Sallie Mae (well Paine Webber in college who’s supposedly part of the prison industrial complex / read Jean Keating’s Prison Treatise for details).  Who would’ve ever guessed I’d end up on the opposite side of the spectrum seeing into the illusion.


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