Speaking of The Villages…

…you know I don’t think I written about this and want it documented for others to not be scared or shy away from ridiculous Controller:Observor shenanigans.

After spending a winter in The Villages with my Israeli ex, we went to a wedding up in Connecticut.  At the reception, my phone blew up with 352 area code calls and texts asking if we were having fun, and that we deserved it.

Enjoying seeing my ex-lesbian friend settling down with a man, I ignored these and thought they were mom’s friends.  After I checked in with her, she assured me she does not share my cell phone number with others, so I checked in with the “David Icke” of the Villages, lol, my friend Lori.

She actually knew of others who were reached out to in the same manner as well.  We just happen to have a local oceanic military base, conveniently situated in the middle of the forest, here.  Uh yeah right?!

One local resident kept a journal of drawn pics of the various creatures she’s seen.  Kinda like the Brookhaven crap up in Long Island.  Weird half man / half goblin type shit.

Anyway, Lori’s contacts all went into fear and coiled up.  I called my numbers back ready to take them on only to get disconnected lines and one Alzheimer’s type old lady.  Her line must’ve been jacked.

I was told by one who can see into other worlds, I ended up on their (whoever they is) screens merely because I’m one of the few in the area actually saying / writing non mind controlled and interesting things.  Whatever.

My intention with sharing this is for you to not be afraid of any dumb fucks who fuck with you.  Stand up for yourself. Stand in your power.  Stand in your truth.  And say, “I do not consent”.  Go fuck someone else elsewhere in some other multi-verse.

Oh, the band playing is making everyone stand up for some song.  Oh about the flag.  And people are standing.  Which flag?  The true American Republic flag or the military tribunal flag ensnaring us under Admirality/ Maritime/ Babylonian / Sumerian bullshit.  The song also mentions the USA…well which one?  Is it the one referred to in 12 USC 3002, I believe it is, or may not be, that defines one definition of it being a Federal Corporation?  Omg my head hurts.  Oh boy oh boy…

I sit as the others stand.  Figures, right…


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