Humans smell 

Wasn’t that in the Matrix?  I’ve heard it plenty of times that visitors from elsewhere have said that.  I read it too in reports from either the Dulce Base or the Pentagon that those from elsewhere can’t be anywhere near the stench of humans.  

I wholeheartedly agree. Not only can I smell the stench of most but I also get severe stomach aches when surrounded by large masses if I’m not consciously protecting myself continually.

It’s the damn people’s layers of beliefs and lies and drama and despair.  Layer upon layer of crusty, musty old nasty stuff built up over the ages.  How can they not smell how nasty they are themselves?

Now, there is hope.  The kids coming in these days are fresh, bright and not gonna put up with the bullshit of ages any longer.  It’s really wonderful to see all the younger light beings around.  I saw a ton down in South Beach and those families were visiting from around the world.  I so wanted to approach the sleeping parents to point out their children were little sparks of light.

Getting a juice today, I was warmly welcomed by a 20 something that could have been straight from the Pleiades with soft blue eyes and a golden glow.  I might have even smelled roses too.  Lol.  

So my point is that even though we still live in nasty times, there still is great hope the old will crumble away and the new emerge.  It’s got to.  A lot of us can’t live like this any longer and didn’t come here to see the crap continue.


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