MSO’s and Porsches

As I sit at the Cheesecake Factory in Orlando watching all the luxury cars park with the valet, I chuckle.  Why, might you ask?  Because, the owners get out acting oh so powerful strutting about as if they are something special and I’d bet a great deal that they actually are not.

I’ve had luxury cars since my 20’s.  My favorite, a Porsche, of course.  I could not live without a Porsche.  It’s as necessary to me as breathe.  That’s not my point, however.

Despite being a Porsche owner, I am still a mere pauper as I do not possess the MSO.  I am still a slave to the system paying taxes on title to the DMV.  Even with all my knowledge, I do not yet know how to remedy this charade.

I heard an interview just last week with a confession of a patrole cop saying if a MSO is shown, the car stopped in question needs to be released and let go.

MSO represents absolute title – no split between legal and equitable.  Same thing with a certificate of live birth vs. a birth certificate.

I actually am ready to buy a new Porsche.  I’ll keep my current one as it’s now a collectible but I will not purchase a new one until I figure out how to get the MSO from the get go.

It’s such nonsense I can barely take it.  It seems as if there is no end in sight.  But then again are we just such magnificent Creators we created all this silliness to rise up out of it?  


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