Rich Girl Problems

My friend Joel (gay, fab NYC apt, money guy) coined the above term.  Or maybe it was ‘rich white people problems’ – something to that effect.  Like omg should we go to the Hamptons this week or the Vineyard?  Buffy will be in the Hamptons but Biff on the Vineyard.  Omg I don’t know!  Freaking […]

Another Keanu dream

Disclaimer – this post may merely be a fable.  And, regardless of whether or not it is, it may be about the actual man himself, the archetype of who I perceive him to be or the archetype of Neo and the Matrix.  Or, I suppose it could be about parallel lives, other dimensions or who knows […]

Chanel shoes 

…do not make you happy. Yes, they are something for which to strive when you are climbing the ladder.  That is a given.  And being able to buy your very own first pair at full retail gives you a feeling of having arrived or accomplished something.  And wearing them the first couple times continues that […]

F* You United Airlines

Just got an email in my inbox expressing their profuse apology.  I saw a full page ad yesterday in the Washington Post too expressing their profuse apology.  I’m sorry but all the words in the world or monetary compensation can not make up for what happened dragging that guy off the plane. Sadly, it’s indicative […]


Is the pressure worse these days for people versus in times past?  I wonder.  David Bowie (and Queen) did write that song “Under Pressure” in 1981 – maybe they felt it then too? There are some moments I feel about to explode at what I see going on around me.  The state of mindless disassociation […]

Morning quickie

So literal sacrifice is at the foundation of the current monetary system.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  I feel as if I already knew that but don’t recall where I would have garnered those facts. There’s a new interview out there with an ex Dutch money man laying it out.  He mentioned 8,000-8,500 people actually […]

Planned poverty 

No big duh, it’s nearly dumb to write as it’s so apparent. Poverty is so engineered and planned. When Beings are worried about survival, there’s no way in hell they will be thinking about who they really are and why they are here on this planet in this day and age. Like Maslow’s theory. I’ll […]