Chanel shoes 

…do not make you happy. Yes, they are something for which to strive when you are climbing the ladder.  That is a given.  And being able to buy your very own first pair at full retail gives you a feeling of having arrived or accomplished something.  And wearing them the first couple times continues that […]


Is the pressure worse these days for people versus in times past?  I wonder.  David Bowie (and Queen) did write that song “Under Pressure” in 1981 – maybe they felt it then too? There are some moments I feel about to explode at what I see going on around me.  The state of mindless disassociation […]

Morning quickie

So literal sacrifice is at the foundation of the current monetary system.  I can’t say I’m surprised.  I feel as if I already knew that but don’t recall where I would have garnered those facts. There’s a new interview out there with an ex Dutch money man laying it out.  He mentioned 8,000-8,500 people actually […]