Who Owns you?

I have zero interest in cannabis, marijuana, etc., though do not doubt it does cure and treat ailments.  The interesting part of this interview with Canadian Mark Boyer to me begins around the hour mark discussing heritage and ownership of OURSELVES.

Highlights of the blurb:  under King George VI Rule, if you were an Officer or Higher of the Army and fought in the war and were successful, you could sign a document to gain ownership of yourself as you were no longer responsible for the war debt and no longer have a birth certificate.  Basically you could get Rights to YOURSELF back.  He also calls the birth certificate a Bearer Bond – when it doesn’t have a seal on it and it has special markings on it, you are then entitled to your Estate.

Another good bit of this interview is how this lovely gentleman (I love younger guys!) has a firm grasp of the corporate ownership of life, Admirality Law, Common Law, God’s Law, etc.  If more people knew even the law part of our existence and how many different aspects are going on at the same time, we would be a whole lot better off.  Why can’t guys my age be so  put together, conscious and well spoken?  Geez!  Well, that’s why I generally date younger guys anyhow.

Kinda along the same lines of personal rights and responsibilities, I heard an interview yesterday of a passer-by trying to help two young adults being harassed by a Police Officer.  Despite him giving the young adults the correct advice as to their rights, they instead were in fear and acquiescence of the unlawful orders being given to them and stood there as deer in the headlights manhandled by the Officer.  How sad people won’t even stand up for themselves.


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