Remember Mango?

Does anyone remember Mango from Saturday Night Live?

Come. Go.  Come.  Go.

It’s so funny how human nature, especially those on the masculine side of the equation, including my canine, don’t come when you want them to come and do come when you don’t want them to come.

I tell you, my little fur ball fella has taught me a great deal about the male/female interaction and game, as a whole.

Years ago I dated a man from Ireland I truly did care for.  Probably because I cared, he disappeared never to be heard from again, well until now.

And now he f*n won’t leave me alone.  I have zero respect for him after his disappearing act.  Zero.  If he explained himself, I’d listen and reconsider, which I told him, but he won’t own his actions and continues to avoid the elephant in the room.  And badgers me incessantly despite me ignoring his overtures.  Actually, not only is he badgering but he’s trying to get me to fly to Ireland for his new passion: fetish parties.  You can’t make this shit up, can you?

Enough of these bullshit games between people.  I wish everyone developed their intuitive and discernment skills, so they’d know one another’s truths and not have to hide, fear or act like silly children.


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