Remnants of Atlantis?


Sarasota, about an hour south of Tampa, is a beautiful city on the southwestern
shores of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.  It is home to Siesta Key, a pristine, powdery,
white-quartz crystal beach that was voted number one of the “Top-10 Best
Beaches of the World.”  Visitors or spiritual seekers know from the moment they
arrive in Sarasota that it’s a different place. Many who came to visit went home,
sold their homes, quit their jobs and returned here to live.

It’s not just the beautiful beaches, the old Spanish architecture, the Ringling Art
Museum, the universities, the five-star restaurants and shops, St. Armand’s
Circle, or the art community that calls to visitors.  There’s something much deeper
and much more noticeable about the city.  No place of similar size has as many
spiritual centers, alternative medicine practitioners, energy workers and  healers
of different modalities and disciplines, yoga centers, metaphysical bookstores,
or spiritual teachers and life coaches.  Two world renowned organizations, one Buddhist and the other Taoist call Sarasota “home.”  There are so many spiritual classes, workshops, seminars, or meditation groups offered daily it’s like being in a spiritual all-you-can-eat buffet.


From a numerology point of view, the beach, the city and the state all resonate at a high Master Vibrational frequency.  The Master Vibration numbers have the potential for influence on the world stage.  Florida is a Master Number 11 reflecting “brotherly love on a grand scale.”  Sarasota is a Master Number 22 reflecting the “ability to manifest easily as the master builder, ambassador and diplomat.”  Siesta Key is a Master Number 33, reflecting the “spiritual teacher of higher consciousness, connecting with the Oversoul.”


Those who settled here know they were called to a shared vision and a common purpose.  Within days of arrival, they found like-minded people whose talents and skills complemented each other.  Moving easily through the community, bonds were forged, alliances were created, and spiritual connections were made, forming a cohesive, spiritual wholeness in the community as though it had been fashioned from an invisible net.

Many saw the city as a future ‘crystal city of light’ that was waiting to be birthed.  Two residents wrote poems dated 1993 and 2007 in which they described a “future city of light on the bay.”  Their words and visualizations were complimented in books like The Keys of Enoch, Secrets of Amenti, and Calling Humanity which described Sarasota as a “sacred city of the new earth” or a “portal or stargate” city.


In the beginning of 2008, from the world of ideas and dreams a Vision unfolded over the next six months, becoming clearer as time went by.  The Vision from the unseen worlds and dimensions showed that a future-generation city of light would emerge.  The city would be filled with love, light, healing, writing, art and music.  The foundation already existed but the seed for Sarasota as a Crystal City of Light was to be planted on the Summer Solstice of 2008.  It was to be one of 22 Planetary Crystal Cities of Light that would become light-beacons and sacred sites for the future generations of earth.

The Vision presented itself as an ethereal diamond-shaped Prism of Light over a map of southwestern Florida.  The Prism outline stretched 55 miles from Holmes Beach in the North to Warm Mineral Springs in the South and 22 miles from Siesta Key Beach in the West to Myakka State Park in the East.  The internal lines of the Prism aligned with spiritual centers and temples which existed along a north-south axis.  Each of the four points in the diamond turned out to be locations of sacred sites that were important to the native people who lived on the land centuries ago.

Within hours of releasing the map of the Prism of Light, those who heard about it in the spiritual community stepped forward to anchor or be part of the Prism.  In an effortless process, friends, light-workers, and spiritual leaders declared themselves ready to participate in shaping this sacred Vision on the Summer Solstice, 2008.

Across the miles, 222 people gathered at the four points of the diamond and all along the facets of the Prism at noon on June 20, 2008.  Men, women and children gathered on beaches, in forests, in gardens and at seven spiritual centers.  They held the consciousness that each of us was a Prism within the greater Prism.  With bells, rattles, drums, and tonings, they proclaimed that each person present was a reflection of the light and love of the work each was called to do.  They professed their intentions to seed the future City of Light in Sarasota where healing, teaching, alternative medicine, art, music, and writing would be guided and infused by spirit.


Later that evening, under a Full Moon at Unity of Sarasota’s Labyrinth, 350 men, women and children, gathered to unite in sacred ceremony.  The multigenerational group in Sarasota united in fellowship with a group known as the Abrahamic Reunion holding a similar gathering that night in Jerusalem.  The collective intention of the two groups was that a portal would be opened and anchored over the troubled city of Old Jerusalem while seeding a New Jerusalem.  The New Jerusalem, one of the 22 Future Cities of Light, would be filled with hope, love, peace, and acceptance for all peoples.

In sacred ceremonies at the Labyrinth, an Incan Despacho (thanksgiving prayer bundle) was offered to Mother Earth.  In meditation, the group sounded rounds of OM which opened the Stargate of the Prism of Light, calling forth the 1000 years of peace, harmony and unity on earth promised by all the sacred teachings.  And so it was!

To commemorate the event – Peace Poles were installed at several points on the Prism of Light.  The locations are:  Rising Tide International, Unity of Sarasota, Sarasota Center of Light, Radiance of Sarasota and Warm Mineral Springs.  An article in the Sarasota Herald Tribune covered the four Peace Poles that were installed at Unity of Sarasota, marking the four directions of the Labyrinth.  They were donated by:  Gerry Grieg, Sioux Warling, Patricia Cockerill and Jo Mooy.  Click this link to see the article:  Unity of Sarasota Peace Poles Dedication.


The spiritual community of Sarasota, along with the next two generations of children, seeded the Crystal City of Light on the Summer Solstice of 2008.  As we reflected on what we did, little did we know that just over a week later the Prism of Light would be validated by a Crop Circle which appeared in the wheat fields of Wiltshire, UK on June 30th.  The circle mimicked the map design of the Prism of Light.  The Crop Circle was a diamond-shaped Prism with facets and there in the center was the circular portal opening.



Shahabuddin David Less, the spiritual leader of Rising Tide Spiritual Center anchored the circle in the center of the Prism of Light.  He remarked that “The building of the third Temple” referred to in Judeo-Christian scriptures is the most important.  It is not physical.  It is not real estate.  It is not owned by governments.  The Third temple will be built by each one of us through the consciousness of love.  We will put in whatever we can and the energy will coalesce from the human heart.  There will be a profound change for we are at the point of a great shift in consciousness.  We are beings who have great power.  We are the ones who will love, regardless of what we see.  We do good because we can.  This is our potential and this is the us we are becoming.”


Climatologists have said that the southwestern portion of Florida, stretching from Tampa Bay to the Everglades is in a protected field called, ‘the forbidden zone.’  Meteorologists and scientists say the shape of the coastline of this area of Florida, the ocean bottom configuration, and the prevailing winds tend to create up-welling currents that take water away from the coastline.

Some scientists have also said the Tampa Bay area is in a “bubble of protection.”  Based on a scientific study of 194 probes planted in the Gulf, the scientific reports indicate that this area was at “minimal risk of receiving surface oil.”  from the 2010 BP oil spill.

PictureClick Photo to See Video


The Siesta Key Documentary (Diamonds Along the Highway – Siesta Awakening) was shown on PBS WEDU and can be watched online. This special highlights the “other aspects” of Siesta Key beyond the sun, surf and beach parties.

In this program, the drumming, the Vortex, The Grandmother Tree and the sacredness and healing properties of our crystal beach are honored.  Diamonds Along The Highway was produced by Gus Mollasis and is 28 minutes long. Gus interviews and features Marguerite Barnett and Shawn Bowen at the drumming circle, Mic McManus, Zan Benham, Patricia Cockerill and Jo Mooy.
Click Here or on the Photo to watch the 28 minute video.


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