Valentine’s Day Gratitude

I am so very, very grateful on this Valentine’s Day to NOT be with any of my exes.

A year ago today I was miserably with my last boyfriend.  Well, I fled to Connecticut for what turned out to be a month and he remained in Florida, so I was blissfully alone and probably went to the Whole Foods salad bar, which I love, for Valentine’s Day.  Two years ago today I was less miserable with the same boyfriend but still miserable.  It was around then we should have parted ways but another year and a half ensued.

For some strange reason my longest term boyfriend popped in my head a little while ago.  I never think of him so googled him.  He was the smartest guy I dated.  Intelligence is uber sexy to me.  I love that nerdy smart guy (back right) on HBO’s Silicon Valley – omg is he hot!

Anyway, my ex went to Wharton and worked at McKinsey, and the only problem with him was that I wasn’t over the moon madly in love with him despite being good partners overall.  He wanted to get married but he didn’t make my heart melt when I looked at him.  “Settling”, despite him being rich and successful and us traveling the world together first class, wasn’t an option for me, so we eventually parted ways.  I used to beat myself up over that decision a lot – turning away a good man because I wasn’t crazy in love with him.  Why couldn’t I be like everyone else and just settle?

He’s now an even more successful entrepreneur in the Bay Area, has published a book and has lots of YouTube videos showing him speaking at a variety of commencement addresses and business events…and what do I have to say about seeing him do this all…EWE!  Omg, I am beyond grateful to not be together.  So grateful.

Imagine if he were my baby daddy and I’d have to interact with this corporate persona, not having an ounce of knowledge regarding the “real” world – that of Spirit – or knowledge of the actual “Matrix” in which we live.  His boring technical speeches are filled with so many words given to packed audiences believing he’s actually saying something of value and all I hear is a bunch of gobbly gook.  Lol!

AND, if we were together, people would think I was his second wife or something because he aged so poorly.  We met right after college and I’ve continued to improve with age and even get noticeably younger at times.  I know aging is a false belief structure anyhow.

I am literally overflowing with gratitude at having parted ways with all my exes.  So blessed.  So very blessed.  It’s way better to be single than with someone with whom you are unhappy to be with.  Don’t ever forget that.

I met a nice lady from Alabama the other day who was married for 47 years before he died last year.  She paused, took a breath, and in a soft voice, decided it was safe to share her secret of how much she loves being single and living alone now.  Isn’t that hilarious?


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