people suck…

This isn’t about a bad experience or anything.  It’s merely about an experience that sadly exemplifies many people in the world today.

I desperately needed a hair cut when I was out of town and got booked immediately when I called the salon with a woman named Grace.  It was her second day on the job and had a free schedule as she hadn’t yet built up her client base.

The appointment was at 5, the establishment open til 8, but all the other stylists were leaving around 5.

Instead of being grateful she got a client, she looked around at the empty space and said, “no fair everyone else gets to leave early.”


And this was also thrown in with her complaining about the local yuppies and their money.

Uh well if you’re a sour puss about working, then how can you possibly complain about the success of others?

I’ve always worked my ass off my entire life and I’ve always been grateful for each and every opportunity presented to me.  As a result, I’ve managed to do quite well for myself financially.

It boggles my mind how easily and effortlessly people complain about things yet don’t see they have the power to control their own reality.

Sadly, Grace is but one example of many people out there today.  Preferring to complain instead of taking charge and responsibility of what she creates in her life.

I actually would have gone back to her for more hair services if the sour puss attitude didn’t exist, but why would I want to give my money, time and energy to someone who doesn’t even want to work?


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