Oscars, what?

It was so lovely to turn on my computer this morning and see some news about who won the Oscars and realize I had no clue whatsoever the Oscars were actually happening – lol! I mean, it’s great for the world of entertainment and the entertainment industry.  Heck, I used to work in entertainment in […]

people are shits

i kinda think i have more than one post entitled this…lol!  but, today’s missive is about human nature. i have always been “well off”, i suppose you would say, until my financial tsunami, from which i have fully recovered. so, before that time, i spent tons and tons of money on a variety of services […]

Mark of the Beast (666)

For awhile now I have been contemplating that the SSN (Social Security Number) was the actual Mark of the Beast discussed in the Bible.  Something I am currently listening to postulates it actually may be something else. For those of you on the Spiritual Path, you may have learned the Kingdom of God and Heaven […]

Jammed up Computer

OMG – my computer is running slower and slower these days thanks to whatever surveillance and watchers are poking around it.  It’s so lame.  I see things being downloaded at times, get those mysterious crashes, weird noises when I’m listening to something good.  Uggghhh, enough is enough already. I DO NOT consent…

Uber driver – seriously?

Look at this ridiculous article about a supposed shooter taking Uber fares during a shooting rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  These shooting stories are becoming boring now anyway.  Instead of any fear they are attempting to whip up, I yawn. Now, I am not saying this is not true but it’s quite convenient as Uber has dramatically […]

Remnants of Atlantis?

SARASOTA – A CRYSTAL CITY OF LIGHT Sarasota, about an hour south of Tampa, is a beautiful city on the southwestern shores of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico.  It is home to Siesta Key, a pristine, powdery, white-quartz crystal beach that was voted number one of the “Top-10 Best Beaches of the World.”  Visitors or spiritual […]

as a Bank of America shareholder…

Bank of America, as a Shareholder, I am very confused by some of your policies and request an explanation. A second mortgage on my home was “charged off” by you in 2008, verified by paperwork sent by you. Since 2008, I have received no collection calls, no communication, no loan reconveyance, no nothing whatsoever on […]