Just saying…

I met a guy at the Winston Shrout event in Portland last summer who declared, “if you’re not on some sort of government watch list, then you’re not doing something right.”  And this was a pretty ordinary, typical big married Southern boy.  Not someone you’d ever view as a rabble rouser or anything.

For some time now, it would surprise me more to learn my moves, my calls, my emails, my computer activities, etc., were NOT being monitored.

But when the monitoring contributes to static-ky phone calls, being kicked off my computer when I stumble upon TRUTHFUL information, and receiving texts from unknown watchers bothering my peace and quiet, then I have a problem with it.

The texts: those close to me think they came from the naval base located deep in the forest in Ocala, Florida.  Now I don’t know the veracity of that but why would there be a naval base in a forest, right?

I texted whoever it was back along with calling whoever it was back but received no answers.  A friend of mine said she knew others who received similar texts but went into fear mode and went silent….WTF, if someone is interfering with you, why would you retreat?

Today, my computer was being messed with all morning long once I stumbled upon some EXCELLENT Truthful information further helping my full extrication from this Matrix most think of as modern day living.

I desire to live a peaceful existence of quiet enjoyment.  Being monitored or messed with is silly.  Or, being mistakenly considered a “person” regarding which any Trading with the Enemy Act may or may not apply is silly too.  That specific labyrinth is truly nonsensical on its own, though utterly brilliant in its deception.  

You know what, I think we have alternate realities in the here and now, literally.  My mind goes to the Fringe television series as I write that.  But we literally have the fiction and the non-fiction living alongside one another right here on Earth in this very day and age.  And those two worlds are so different, they truly are separate dimensions.


I AM Spirit living my Divinity in human substance, title and form…period…AND welcome peace, quiet, love, joy, prosperity and beauty to abound all around me.






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