January BLIZZARD 2016

Oh these new “storms of the century” are getting beyond boring.  Yawn.

Yes, I know the collective is in a state of dismay, anxiety and fear.  Hence, their flood of emotions whipping up these chaotic massive outer events.  Yes, this is a fact.

But then the cabal, the powers that “be” or whoever it is controlling this planet/economy to use that frenzy of emotions to whip up environmental destruction is akin to bullies in a playground stealing a toy from a child playing quietly by himself in the corner not bothering anyone.

For those of you new to this concept of environment manipulation, simply google the “earthquake machine” many Japanese discuss when referring to the 2011 tsunami.  Or, the events surrounding the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Or, how the gulf stream was manipulated during Hurricane Sandy.

I personally watched the Hurricane Sandy manipulation live as it was happening. It was clear as day the storm was headed for the Mid Atlantic region, and then poof!, all of a sudden, it diverted its course up towards the NYC area.  I was in Connecticut at the time and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that quick change of course was humanly diverted and headed my way.  Now, I AM, a powerful being and sat in my gorgeous living room meditating the hurricane would not affect me, my house or my loved ones.  And, guess what…my house was the only one that didn’t lose power nor have downed trees unlike the destruction all around me.

Anyway, Thursday night (today is Saturday), I reached out to one of my friends deep in “the conspiracy” world.  I commented how the sky looked very different – very unusual – and asked her what was going on.  In the past, she has mentioned to me rings around the moon signify major HAARP manipulation.  She saw one of these rings right before the major rains and flooding that happened on the Winter Solstice 2015.  Her comment was that a currency revaluation was supposed to happen this past week and this major Blizzard was manufactured to prevent that.  I don’t have any more information than that but thought I’d get it out there.  I also would not be surprised if something happened in the government, a bill being passed, or what not, that the press wants to go to the back of the paper or be buried in the current news cycle.

Oh, for those of you who don’t know, the word on the street about the Japanese tsunami was that the Japanese were ready to pull away from the Western financial system or something to that effect.  I forget what the Haitian thing was about.  Maybe cabal in fighting.  I don’t recall.

Anyway, when are these games and this manipulation going to stop?  It’s sooooo boring…….







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