I had someone tell me today that speaking the truth was not of the “LIGHT”!

Are you fucking kidding me?

This lady is a prime example of the product invented and churned out by the Master Manipulators who created the “spiritual movement” to complacently corral those souls who did not take to standard organized world religions.  To herd them into the category of love and light and peace and let’s not upset the apple cart.

My response: Fuck that!  Seriously.

I replied to this lady’s Old Bitty Banter by saying the TRUTH is most definitely OF the Light and anything less is doing a disservice to humanity.

We did not come here from the far reaches of the universe and galaxy to tip toe around and not cause waves.   Perhaps that was a method in past ages but not now.


One thought on “Complacency

  1. IF one stays in the “eye of the hurricane”, the way-shower that flows as you seek for truth, allows for safe passage upon ANY waves


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