People start valuing yourselves!

I was playing around the internet Google searching median income levels in the various playgrounds (towns) in which I play (do business).  Found this statement below:

Connecticut is the wealthiest state in the United States of America with a per capita income $36,775 (2010). 

$36,775 makes CT one of the wealthiest states?!  Come on now.  That is such a paltry amount it is absolutely pitiful.

People, wake the F*CK up and claim your Sovereignty for goodness sake!!!

That’s basically what I made out of college over 20 years ago and my boyfriend at the time made TRIPLE that amount straight out of college working at the country’s leading management consulting firm – McKinsey & Co.

You think the Illuminati and the Powers that Be (or Were) would accept such an insignificant amount?  Geez Louise.  Why do you think they are the supposed 1%?  Because they don’t accept LESS THAN and feel (true or otherwise) that they deserve it all!  So, why can’t you?!

The only way things are EVER going to change is when you all start saying NO!  That you are worth WAY MORE than some ridiculous amount that barely allows you to shop in Wal-Mart or whatever chain store in which you desire to shop with chemically laden foods and mass produced items imported from China.

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and start VALUING yourself.  Pretty please…

Change happens from within and You are worth it.  You are Divinity in Human form, for Heaven’s sake.  I can see your Value.  Why can’t you do the same?  Please…


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