Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine

Hhhhmmm, wonder why black helicopters have suddenly appeared over my little pink house as soon as I started reading the following article.

Last time they appeared over this specific house was when my floor guys showed up after Hurricane Sandy to redo the flooded oak floors.  Despite knowing each other for years, we never realized until then we were all pursuing the same path of truth. As we talked outside in the driveway sharing information, the black helicopters started circling and my guys gave them the finger and started yelling at them.

Anyway, here’s a highlight of the article written by William Allen Rosek.  Go to the link above for the full discussion.


Divine feminine energy — defined and explained

Divine feminine energy is comprised of the following divine, angelic qualities — unconditional love, understanding, compassion, nurturing, and helpfulness to others.  It includes tenderness, gentleness, kindness and all the other divine feelings you might relate to unconditional love — the greatest of all God’s divine Cosmic powers.  The unconditional love within divine feminine energy has a powerful magnetic quality.  At its highest levels of 5th and 6th dimensional conscious Oneness with God, unconditional love has the power to heal, to harmonize, and to create miracles just as Jesus did so long ago. 

Divine feminine energy is passive in nature.  It is this passivity, this peace, (experienced by the stilling of the ego-influenced, finite, human brain mind), which opens the heart’s spiritual door to the soul and permits the human self to receive — intuitively — divine guidance and information from the divine mind and loving heart of his or her very own divine, eternal soul and God Within. 

“Be still and know I Am God” is a phrase, which means — Be still in your human brain-mind (as in meditation) and begin to know, to remember, to feel, and to realize for yourself the divine energies, qualities, and attributes of the Spark of Goddessness and Godnessthat are inseparable parts of your very own attached eternal soul (available to you through your heart). 


It might be said that INTUITION is the greatest power accrued by all who integrate the qualities of the divine feminine energy of their soul into their human selves. 

Intuition is the power and ability of your human self to receive constant divine knowledge and guidance from your very own attached, divine, eternal soul and its inseparable Spark of God Within. 

Just using the term intuition alone may not make clear the precise nature of this miraculous inner power.  The real nature and power of ‘intuition’ — is that it provides you with inner two-waycommunication between your human self and your soul’s God-Self.  Intuition presents you with the ability to ask your inner questions and receive divine answers and inner guidance in all situations (if your requests are for your own higher good and the higher good of all souls involved — with harm to no one).  Intuition is one of the greatest benefits accrued by integrating the divine feminine energy, qualities, and attributes of your attached eternal soul into your human self. 

Intuition provides anyone and everyone with divine guidance and knowing from your very own divine soul and also from all the Beings of Light in the Hierarchy of God above.  This inner intuitional communication is what has made “geniuses” of Da Vince, Einstein, and many others of the past.  This intuition is how Jesus was able to know everything about all those who came to him for assistance. 

Intuition, achieved through the integration of divine feminine energy and conscious Oneness with God — is not and cannot be achieved through the teeny, ego-influenced, brain-mind of the mortal human.  Two-way communication with God can only be achieved through heart consciousness for only the heart has the connection, the doorway to your soul.  And only the soul has the connection to the higher dimensions of divine infinite consciousness in the Hierarchy of God above. 

However, in addition to intuition, there is another related benefit that may be considered of even greater value and importance, which also results from integrating and assimilating your soul’s divine feminine energies into your human self. 


A balance of divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy is an absolute Universal requirement for all who wish to return to conscious Oneness with God, to move into an enlightened divine level of consciousness, and to Ascend (while remaining here on Earth, showing the way to others).  All Ascended Masters have achieved a balance of divine feminine and divine masculine qualities or they could not have passed into the threshold for Ascension.  This is a Universal Law. 

The above are the two major benefits of the greatest spiritual value to all who integrate the divine feminine energy of their soul into their human selves in their daily lives.  However, there are many morepersonal benefits to be gained — such as the deep inner feelings of being healed, whole, and complete, or experiencing the happiness and joy of having the ability to love unconditionally once more. 

Divine Masculine Energy — defined and explained

Divine masculine energy is comprised of the following divine soul qualities — inner confidence, inner strength, inner courage, and the inner willingness to actively shine your divine Light (quietly and naturally) wherever you happen to Be. 

Divine masculine energy is active by nature. 

The two types of divine soul energies (passive and active) together form a beautiful balance.  The passivity of the divine feminine allows your human self to receive divine guidance and information from your soul and God Within.  The activity of the divine masculine provides your human self with the ability to use that guidance, to actively put that divine inner guidance into good use in your daily human outer-world activities.  This is why both the divine feminine and divine masculine are required on the path to conscious Oneness with God and Ascension. 

The two together cause one to feel healed, whole, and complete within the human self.  You feel and are complete because you have brought the divinity of your eternal soul and God Within into your human self and thus you have returned to conscious Oneness with your soul and God Within.  This return is the very meaning and purpose of all human life.  This is the ultimate goal of every soul ever incarnated into a human body here on Earth. 

This is the culmination of God’s Divine Plan for the return of all souls who volunteered to descend into a lower dimensional level of consciousness, into a mortal, physical, animal form of life — in order to raise that lower dimensional life upward into divine 5th dimensional conscious Oneness with God. 

So you see, there is actually a divine plan behind this silly, often painful, non-divine human life that we see all around us.  All of humanity will return to conscious Oneness with God — probably prior to 2050 and perhaps prior to 2030. 

This great transition and return to conscious Oneness with God will be tremendously facilitated by our free will integration of our divine feminine and divine masculine soul qualities and attributes into our human selves.  We can speed up the transition or slow it down of our own free will but we can no longer stop it.  It is now inevitable. 


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