Cancer Full Moon – Christmas Day

A little late for this astrological update from Nancy Ogren but wanted to post for the line below of KNOWING we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  Profound and On Point. Enjoy: The Winter Solstice was just a couple of days ago, bringing us into the vibration of Capricorn, so we are experiencing this Full […]

Letting the Light In

Ha!  Wouldn’t you know I took this (unknowingly) at 11:10 yesterday.  Love it!  We supposedly have a bunch of new energies hitting the planet now.  Lots and lots of people are getting sick trying to process them all while others are fine and doing better than before. Geez, it didn’t even occur to me yesterday […]


I had someone tell me today that speaking the truth was not of the “LIGHT”! Are you fucking kidding me? This lady is a prime example of the product invented and churned out by the Master Manipulators who created the “spiritual movement” to complacently corral those souls who did not take to standard organized world […]

Personal wholeness

This is good advice.  I never would have thought I’d ever post anything from NYC “Love Guru” Mimi Tanner, but the bit below is good! From me: Walking the path of the Spirit is becoming whole with yourself first.  Only after you accomplish that, can you even begin to think about being available to others in […]