Lady Contractor

The name for me dubbed by my mother and the name of the Reality Show my awesome massage therapist Rachel wants me to star in.  She is enthralled by the antics she sees ranging from scolding the Old Coot contractors to talking about Ascended Masters to having Old Man Porsche stop by to flirt.  Oh and with pretty Michelle as my painting sidekick with her 3 yr old daughter running around.  It really is pretty hilarious.

The fact me and Michelle even know about stuff like the photo below annoys us both.  We have been researching how to build a shower with a mud base as we don’t trust sneaky Ronnie who gave me expired insurance paperwork.  We do this research alongside referencing Doreen Virtue’s angel books for various information that’s on our minds.  Oh and let’s not forget about the UFO visits too.  OMG, too much!  I told Michelle how it is much more “real” for me to be living in the ethers as I normally do than dealing with construction issues and the related workers and their nonsensical excuses for things.

Oh last week’s episode of the show…”if they can’t fuck you, then they will find a way to fuck you“!  That’s thanks to one of my Spiritual Advisors – lol!  It came after a blatant string of fucking over from various male contractors was happening to me so I asked her why.  Not one of them ever tried to physically fuck me so I don’t know why they’d feel the need to fuck me over for work performed or not performed.

All the shenanigans involved are truly fascinating to watch.  The various cast of characters cycling in and out with the overall theme being firmly rooted in the spiritual realm while creating a Sacred Space for a buyer is most definitely engaging.

Stay tuned for the next episode.


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