A hot shower

You know how novel it is to take a hot shower?

OMG, during my financial tsunami I had to worry about having enough money to fill the oil tank and pay the electric bill to even keep the heat and hot water on.  Luckily, my master bedroom had extra electric baseboard heat so that when I couldn’t afford to keep the main part of the house heated with oil, I could at least be warm in the master bedroom.  I also had to go on a payment plan with the electric company from time to time to keep that on.  I can barely believe I made it past that chapter in my life.

So fast forward to now with three bathrooms in two separate houses not operating for one reason or another, one issue being getting a proper hot shower.  I’ve had to jump in and out of it when the water turns cold and wait for it to warm up.  And a couple weeks ago, I had to go shower at the gym.  Not starting the day with a proper hot shower can really throw you off.

Me being me and knowing I CREATE absolutely everything in my reality, I asked Spirit / the Universe / my HS / no one (lol) what the hell I was doing to attract water and plumbing issues.  Oh, the kicker to fully prompt me to look within was getting home the other night to find a clogged up kitchen sink and a ripped apart bathroom my handyman decided to randomly retrofit one day (see below).  So that upped the plumbing issues to 5 separate locations and gave me a firm kick in the ass to look within.  The answer seemed to be I haven’t been letting energy flow thru me properly – that there were still some lingering blockages to be dealt with.  Made sense to me so I went straight to work uncovering what they could possibly be.  One super simple tool to use when you don’t know the specific root cause of something is Ho’oponopono.  And, I blessedly happened to have already had an appointment set up with a shamanic chiropractor (coincidence?  hardly…).

What happened in less than 24 hours of taking action?  One busy plumber I had spent weeks trying to schedule was miraculously able to come out at 6 am the next morning to fix one of the leaks and properly diagnose the second.  Oh and his helper had an Archangel Michael tattoo!  And then the HVAC guy dealing with the hot water issue on the other house suddenly was able to pinpoint the problem that had been alluding him for months.

It always fascinates me how quickly things in the outer world can shift once changes are made in the inner world.  Change truly does come from within.



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