Deep blowjob request

…Headline of email in my inbox this morning. I find these emails amusing as they fill my inbox along with the higher consciousness messages I receive from the various spiritual groups that send me stuff. It’s like the sex messages (1st Chakra – the root chakra) balance out the higher level messages (7th++Chakras – the crown […]


I had no plans to post anything for Thanksgiving as it is as irrelevant to me as any other Holiday or day throughout the year, though I fully enjoy the peace and quiet and lack of cars on the road and you can start drinking much earlier in the day due to the excuse of […]

Tits & Beer

Forget Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Divine Complements or any ancient bonds, contracts or agreements that may have been made in Lemuria, Atlantis or in one’s future Wingmaker Self between two people. Forget any of these sorts of connections spanning multiple timelines, dimensions, alternate realities and/or parallel worlds. The only thing it all comes down to […]

Plasma Tubes Circling the Earth

Interesting information and blissfully short at 3:33, otherwise, my attention would have wandered.  It would not surprise me if these tubes are used for inter-stellar, inter-dimensional, or whatever type of travel actually goes on out there.   And, I am sure more of this “new” stuff will be “discovered” as the veils continue to diminish and […]

Lady Contractor

The name for me dubbed by my mother and the name of the Reality Show my awesome massage therapist Rachel wants me to star in.  She is enthralled by the antics she sees ranging from scolding the Old Coot contractors to talking about Ascended Masters to having Old Man Porsche stop by to flirt.  Oh […]

A hot shower

You know how novel it is to take a hot shower? OMG, during my financial tsunami I had to worry about having enough money to fill the oil tank and pay the electric bill to even keep the heat and hot water on.  Luckily, my master bedroom had extra electric baseboard heat so that when […]

Innate Power

No clue where this is from – could be something I read or a message from my HS but it was in my inbox as I was cleaning it out….strange but on point.. True power is never lost. I don’t have to regain my power. Freedom I am always. Free no one will ever change […]

Energetic Integrations

This was a good explanation about what could happen energetically after traumas, life events, moves, changes, etc.  The words are paraphrased a bit to protect identities… I learned within the past couple of months that there had been a separation between my 12 year old inner child and my adult self. To make a long story […]