How fun – Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles is on the flashback lunch on WEQX.  Totally awesome for posting something about being Sparklie!

Thanks once again to Denise Linn.  Love her story below and this seems to be the theme of the past week or so – how to choose joy and positivity in any situation.  Of course it’s challenging, especially in situations where you do not possess all the facts, no doubt about it, but it’s a choice.  Everything in life is a choice.

As Denise concludes below, which path do you choose:  seeing a vulture or seeing an eagle?

Eagle… or Vulture?

It was a splendidly blue summer day. Rosemary was leaning up against a white washed farm fence and gazing at the sky.

“Wow! Look at that!” she exclaimed. “It’s an eagle!” Her face beamed with joy.

Rosemary had just flown in from England and was visiting us. High in the sky was a dark silhouette of a soaring bird. She’d never seen an eagle before and thought it was a great sign for things to come in her life.

Christopher, a neighbor, was also standing near and looked up and grumbled, “That’s not an eagle! I think it’s a vulture! Nothing good comes when you see a vulture.” He looked angry and downtrodden.

Here’s what’s interesting about this. Neither Rosemary nor Christopher knew definitively what the bird was. However, Rosemary felt elated when she chose to believe it was an eagle, and Christopher chose to believe it was a vulture and seemed resentful at Rosemary’s joy and wanted to dash it. (He’s what I call a “dream stomper.”) Personally I love vultures, for lots of reasons, and get just as excited seeing vultures as eagles.

This exchange made me realize that sometimes there are times when we don’t know the whole story, so why not see eagles instead of vultures. For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic you can choose to believe he’s a selfish, irresponsible person. Of you can choose to believe he’s on his way to his baby’s birth or any number of other stories. If there’s no way to find out the “truth” of why the driver cut you off – and you’re creating a story about it – then create one that makes you feel good. One type of story can empower you and another type can make you feel self-righteous or angry.

Here’s the deal. We feel good or bad as a result of the stories we tell ourselves. (*and we tell stories to ourselves all the time.) If you want to feel your sparkliest (which strengthens your immune system and brings you joy), find stories about the world around you that make you feel good. What do you choose… eagle or vulture?


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