11:10 & 1:11

Of course I look at the clock on my computer when a triple digit appears.  Then I pull my phone out of my back pocket while walking my dog at the exact moment of another triple digit.  Why?  Who knows…my best guess of what this is about has to do with aligning with Spirit.  The times when you are simply so in your head, it is Spirit (the greater YOU) saying WAKE UP!

This happens frequently with seeing the numbers of my birthday.  The other day I saw them all over along the highway in New York along with messages of I AM.  I was like – “ok enough already Spirit, I get it!”

Then I go to see my Asian NYC acupuncture / massage guy this week.  Despite going to his office for about 5 years now, I never remember its exact location.  I only remember it’s near the Empire State Building.  So, I always park somewhere in the general vicinity and then hunt and peck for his office location walking up the block one way and then down the block the other way.  This seriously happens each visit.  I finally found it thanks to a small sign at the entry way and then went in and had my session.

It was only when I was leaving the building being pulled out by my pup, I was forced to look up and noticed the numbers above the door, which are 333.  Now how exactly have I never noticed that before?  Come on now…

Doreen Virtue has a great little book out called Angel Numbers.  I keep it as part of my permanent collection.  Check it out if you want to know the exact meanings behind specific numbers that may pop into your life.

I quickly googled 333 and it says its the essence of the Trinity – Body, Mind and Spirit.  A time when your guardian angels and universal energies are heavily surrounding you.  There is an increase of growth and confidence at this juncture and it’s time to accept inner truths and walk in truth.

Angel Number 333, is a message your guardians are sending you as a reminder that you’re due for an increase in a certain area of your life. Love, peace, or financial blessings might be in store for you upon reaching equality in balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

Could this be why I never noticed this above the door for the past 5 years?  It’s only now time for a major shift to occur in my life.  Whatever it is, cool.  Change is good.


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