“My pain is self chosen…”

Wow – the words on songs I hear these days are so poignant and profound.  I listen to a fabulous station out of Manchester, Vermont called WEQX.  Love it.  That line above is from the song currently playing on the computer by Mad Season called River of Deceit.  Isn’t it the truth?  All our pain is self chosen.  All of it.

Guess this is a good segway into something I had planned to write about anyhow.  I saw Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis speak at KKGour Kappa Kappa Gamma Founder’s Day Celebration this weekend.  What a lovely lady and a true Pillar of Light – well of course she is, she’s blonde like the quintessential Kappa, right?!  LOL.

She’s the teacher from the Sandy Hook shooting that corralled her kids into a tiny closet and kept them all safe and alive.  And this isn’t about Sandy Hoax or not…this woman experienced shots and experienced fear and experienced distress no matter what shenanigans may have been transpiring outside her classroom door.

Oh she was such a joy and such an inspiration, I am glad I actually went to Founder’s Day.  I think I have only attended maybe two since graduating college in D.C.

She was such a phenomenal speaker.  Honest, direct, inspiring.  Touching emotions of hope, sadness and joy.  She talked about how each of us has ups and downs in our lives and it is up to each of us to choose in each moment how we will view the events that touch our lives.  You can become depressed over something or you can choose hope instead.  I wish I could clearly express in my heart how wonderful it was to hear her speak.  After the talk, I went up to her to commend her excellence and I gave her a great big hug.  It was like my Light passing on to her to share during her upcoming worldwide book tour.

I have never ever promoted one commercial thing on this blog but I would highly recommend checking out her new book, Choosing Hope.  It’s on pre-sale right now and I, for one, will line up to buy it.

Her message was wonderful and touching.  Hearing her inspired me to stay true to my course of seeing the best in everything and always choosing hope and joy over pain and fear.  Of course this is way easier said than done when you are in the midst of pain and despair.  But all we can do is make an effort to try and stay as positive as we can vs. going into a place of sadness.  And if you can’t go there, that’s fine too.  We are all at wherever we can be at in any given moment.  It’s hard.  I totally know.  A glass of buttery, oaky chardonnay can help too.  🙂


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