I LOVE Innovation – go UBER!!!

THE PURR-FECT ASSISTANT This Thursday will be anything but business as usual. #UberKITTENS are back, and they just want to get their paws in the door. Request tomorrow and a few furry friends will visit your office. You can hold them, test their skills (they are excellent paper shredders), and even take them home if […]


I learned a new word today.  Was reading about the experience of someone in a spiritual group I sometimes associate with saying they used entheogens to find out they were part of the Rigel star system.  So no clue what the hell was being said on either front. But I am totally laughing now that I know what […]

Almonds & the FDA

This is a beyond random posting but I know it’s not a widely known fact. I am craving almonds this morning.  Raw almonds.  I ran out of my stash picked up on my last California trip and desperately desire some. Thing is you can not buy Raw almonds anymore in the stores.  Even the ones you […]

1 year ago today…

…I moved out of the state of Connecticut.  Left early in the morning with my pooch en route to my new home.  Headed to what I thought would become my permanent abode.  I will not use the word residence, address or any of those typical terms as they do not mean what one normally thinks they […]

I AM Presence

The Picture of your Own God Self as explained by the Saint Germain Foundation. “The Circles of Color around the Electronic Body represent the Causal Body. This is the accumulated good of all previous embodiments, and is composed of all substance constructively used in previous lives. It is a Reservoir of energy constructively qualified, being the […]

Sharing positive vibes

Did you know there are actually scientific studies regarding the power of prayer?  One study I recall had a certain number of people meditating or praying at a certain time in a certain city and the crime rate decreased.  I had also read that in the aftermath of 911, the entire globe was sending such […]