execution = illuminati?

IDK, but it is strange the execution of Kelly Gissendaner in Georgia happened during this auspicious time of the Blood Moon, Eclipse and the Pope’s visit.  Some ritual nonsense, perhaps?

Reading the article it is curious how this woman who did not carry out killing her husband was to be executed yet her lover who actually did the killing is merely serving a life sentence with a potential to be paroled in 2022.  Strange…it would not surprise me one bit if there was more to this execution and its timing.

Could it be the “killing” of the Goddess energy now entering this Planet and dimension, perhaps?

Fascinating that the Pope actually tried to intervene too.

Another interesting event that happened this past Monday, September 28, 2015 – “THE” auspicious day…was an emergency plane incident at JFK.  Fascinating that I, myself, flew into JFK very early that morning as well.  Perhaps paving a trail of light for any potential incidents not to become anything more serious.  Again, IDK, but I find these “coincidences” happening to me all the time.


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