Are “Soul mates” programming?

After listening to some of the recent Lily material, who knows what is true any longer.  My friends and I are having bigger belief breakdowns now than when we participated in a radio show years back that encouraged us to question and break down most all of our belief systems.  Funny how I thought I got all my false belief systems cleared away and was in a good space.  I have been in a really good space actually, but then comes along Lily to challenge any remaining vestiges of beliefs lurking beneath the surface.

One of these for me, and for many other of my friends, is the idea of Soul Mates.  We had always taken it as a given they were real.  But why?  Seriously what is really “real” anyhow?  I wasn’t there writing my supposed Soul Mate contracts. I do not have memory recall of these people from past lives.  Sure I have been told time and time again I had a “contract” with this person or that person but I was told from a source external to me.

Now, I most wholeheartedly follow my inner knowings.  There are definitely people you meet with whom you feel inexplicable connections and bonds with.  That is a given.  

A new friend I met recently educated me on the supposed hierarchy of soul mates.  Oh my was it involved including inner circle, soul petals, twin flames, yadda yadda yadda. It was so intricate and detailed he lost me very early on in the explanation.  My eyes were rolling down the highway as he was driving.  Hearing him explain it made me think that nonsense could very well be part of the archon control system.  

Aren’t most supposed Soul Mates the ones who push your buttons more than other people are able to?  I do recall one metaphysical author saying when you meet a Soul Mate, run the other way.

The last man I dated was certain I was his Twin Flame.  I did not feel the same.  However, when I asked a psychic one day, the response was “well, he’s the closest representation of your Twin Flame, who has not incarnated.”  WTF?!  Some days I definitely feel all this “spiritual stuff” is utter bullshit.

Oh yeah and the one I had a “contract” with to shed light into the legal system?  Well he is now is sitting in prison for 22 years.  I can honestly say I wish I never met that one.  I am a business person and get involved in enough legalities on my own without a supposed Soul Mate in my life.

Again, I do not have all the answers.  But I’m giving less credence to these supposed Soul Mates these days.  My most strong ones have turned out to be total jokes. It’s more important to be surrounded by people on a path similar to yours with similar interests, etc. that do not push your buttons.  Maybe button pushing is necessary when you aren’t on a growth path but if you are on a growth path, a supportive partner you are attracted to and have common interests with, is way more important.


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