NY til hard; SF til soft

Have you ever seen that quote?  It was by a gentleman who said everyone should live in NYC to build up their toughness and then live in San Francisco to get in touch with their more gentle side.  Something to that affect.

I was delighted when it was time for me to move away from the SF area to NYC.  Beyond delighted.  I was relatively soft before building layers upon layers upon layers of armor to combat all that is NYC.  OMG it really is a battle ground there.  As the Frank Sinatra song says, “if you can make it there, you can most definitely make it anywhere.”

Sitting from a perch at Peet’s Coffee in Marin County, California, I see there is no way I would have been able to begin to unravel the financial and legal global control matrix as much as I have had I not been in NYC.  Holy crap.  It’s like I built up an arsenal of weapons having to survive daily living there and then had those weapons at my disposal when I was forced (or chose) to spend years in the court system.  I put so much energy into winning my court battles against the corrupt financial system and corrupt legal system.  I really don’t even know how I did it.  Where in the world did I get that moxy?   Well, when entities outside of myself tried to steal what I had spent years building up – my Leonine claws came out for the fight.

Sitting here now, I see what an exhausting process that all was.  Sure, I still have more pieces to unravel in all this financial mess and continue to expand my knowledge on a daily basis.  But it’s no longer engaging in a full out battle, thank goodness, for I am once again turning into a ball of mush being back in Marin County.  My layers of armor seem to be dissolving all around me now.  I am sure I’ll find a happy medium between full on warfare and full on peace, but at the moment it is so very uncomfortable morphing into this new state of being.


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