Are mistakes really mistakes at all?

Fabulous line from a song I am listening to on out of Manchester, Vermont.

“There is innocence in the moment.  So maybe now is the time to be alive.  Maybe now is the time to be alive…”

Wow,  Those are great words!

So, really are mistakes mistakes?  Probably not.  When I really think back at my life’s choices, I can not honestly point to one thing saying, “oh, that was a mistake, I should not have done that.”  And, we all know ‘should’ is a destructive word to be eliminated from one’s vocabulary altogether.

I sit writing this from Marin County, California, where I spent a solid 10 years of my life before becoming fully bi-coastal.  My seminal growth years after college happened here and looking back on my choices made, I don’t have many regrets at all. Timing was off on the unfolding of certain events and interactions for sure.  Maybe leaving various situations earlier than I did leave would have been beneficial but then again you could always question, “what if” under those circumstances too.  “What if” I stayed?  Maybe something would have been different, right?  We’ve all felt that kind of stuff.

Actually there is one thing I have a minor regret over.  I got offered a job opportunity to transfer with Landor from SF to NYC.  I always wanted to live in NYC but the salary, though solid, wasn’t particularly conducive to supporting my real estate acquisition habits and I saw myself working all the time and not having time to enjoy NYC.  My route took me to Los Angeles instead where I blossomed spiritually.  Then my job in entertainment transferred me to NYC anyway.  I got to pick up a house in Venice along the way, which helped pad my future acquisitions account.  So, in the end, taking that first job opportunity doesn’t necessarily need to be viewed as a regret.  I got to NYC eventually.  I was destined to get there at some point no matter which road traveled.


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