Yale & Vegetarians

I always found it odd New Haven, the home of Yale University, was a dearth of healthy eating and vegetarian establishments.  That’s what funky college towns are about – anti-establishment, fun, hippy, unique places.  Not around Yale though.  It’s dirty, it’s skanky and the dining options remain the same year after year.  Of course if you want pizza and Italian food, this is the place for you.

When I hit Portland recently and was enamored over the plethora of healthy eating available, it finally hit me.  Portland is filled with airy, light explorers.  It’s got a very light vibration.  Hence, people wanting to eat lighter food.

Compare that to Yale.  People attracted to a place like that are very 3D, very dense, and very cerebral, for the most part.  Except that girl who got caught in between the walls.  I heard that was an inter dimensional experiment.  Not the crazy dumb murder they said it was.  And Yale also has the Skull and Bones people.  Who knows if they really do sacrifices there.  The building is creepy and I even stopped getting cupcakes nearby because I hate going over there.  This summer, body parts were found haphazardly around New Haven.  How often does that nonsense happen in cities across the country?

So, I finally get why New Haven has always been energetically dense and heavy and why it will likely continue to be.  I’ll enjoy my light airy food elsewhere.


***Saw Steve Jobs movie yesterday and was interested to learn he was a strict vegetarian.


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