Spreadsheets, spreadsheets & more


omg back at airport and forgot how amusing it is to watch all the busy business people with their laptops open busily typing away.  Type, type, type.  Tons and tons of spreadsheets.  I used to create spreadsheets when I was a financial analyst in the corporate world too.  How silly it all is.  Those numbers mean diddly squat but all these people feel so important doing it.  Strange being out thru the other side knowing the truth.  That stage of blindness I am grateful not to return to.

I remember one psychic reading I had when my most pressing question was whether I’d have to return to the corporate world.  Her answer was a resounding no but I still feared I’d have to.  That was in 2003.  I guess I’ve fared pretty well since then staying away.  I would consider playing in the corporate arena again if the situation felt perfect.  I don’t know what that looks like but I’m open to all possibilities that present themselves.

My last flight out West, the fashionable man next to me was engaged with his computer the entire flight.  I found it so strange he wouldn’t once take a break.  I could tell it was a shield though.  A protection device.

And then isn’t it so funny when you get to baggage claim and people’s true personalities start to emerge.  I’m the same all the time.  Standing in my power and truth regardless of the circumstances.  And I actually loathe carrying my computer on board and really only do it in case of major travel delays.  You will never once catch me dead making spreadsheets.


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