Post Bankruptcy & Credit Scores

This is meant for people post bankruptcy.  You wonder if you are ever going to get your life back on track financially and get back into “normalcy” with credit cards, loans, etc.

I got excellent advice from two people – open up secured credit cards.  I did open up two and actually got rejected by a third bank.  Isn’t that absurd – getting rejected on a secured card that you will be funding.  You use these cards to make monthly purchases on, pay off and build up your credit.  That’s how you play the game.  It’s dumb and I know it is a game.  Within a year, my credit score skyrocketed back up higher than it was pre-bankruptcy.  Isn’t that crazy?  Goes to show you how all that credit tracking is pure nonsense.

I knew the system was rigged when I was at the height of my success with multiple loans and hundreds of thousands in credit card lines available paying huge amounts of money on time each and every month.  My credit score was low despite the on-time payment history for years upon years.  I was continually told I had too much credit.  Geez, you’ve either got not enough or you’ve got too much.  Crazy!

I got so pissed off, I opted out of the system and froze all three credit bureaus – locked that shit down.  Decided not to play their game anymore.  Recently, I learned the credit score is tied in to outside companies being able to access the Treasury money being traded on you, the human chattel.  No clue whether or not this is true but nothing would surprise me.  I did look up my SSN and saw how it was tied to 144 companies worldwide using it for their funding.

Back to BK stuff, I have not yet tried to get a bank loan to buy more property but have had no issues raising money via private lenders.  My real estate purchasing has not been hampered one bit.  Sure, the interest rates are higher but the amount of money one can make on smart real estate investments far outweighs any extra money being paid in interest, which is tax deductible anyway.  I know the IRS isn’t what it seems but I don’t have an issue with them at all like others do.

Recently I’ve also gotten offer upon offer for normal credit cards with healthy limits.  That actually surprised me.  I had no idea I was suddenly an eligible bachelorette for their wares.  Guess I’m being allowed to share some of that back end credit being used on my behalf by these other companies.  Well thank you so much.

There is life after bankruptcy.  You don’t think there is when you are going through it but things can come back even better than before.  One of the few things that got me through all those horrible years was acknowledging that Donal Trump declared BK several times.  He was actually my guiding light and made me feel less of a failure than I had been feeling.  Thank you Mr. Trump.

It can and does get better if you persevere and desire improvement.  I also know people out there who let BK hamper any future success.  They use it as an excuse.  That’s pure silliness but also their choice.  If it wasn’t BK holding them back, it’d be something else.  The choice is all yours whether to succeed or whether to  fail.  No one else’s.


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